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 Mishcka's Artist Statement

Having been a realist and surrealist for many years, I discovered a freer 
emotional and spiritual expression in abstract and nonobjective painting.

A line from a Buddhist song says it well. It translates as
"The phenomenal universe radiates as the fringe of luminous experience".

In the right state of mind poetic images come forth, 
some in dreams and some right from the end of the brush. 

They answer the questions I didn't know I asked.

For me painting is a process of self discovery. It comes forth spontaneously and intuitively and the result often surprises me by reflecting an inner state of which I was not consciously aware. 

Art is a very personal thing. What quickens my pulse and moves me may also have found an expression of your inner vision in my art. You may have discovered that our songs harmonize and aesthetically we travel on similar paths, in which case we have discovered we are “family” of a sort. There is a power we get from communicating our mutual aesthetic back and forth. The phrase whether it be music, words or visual that parallels our own vision, exalts the spirit and energizes the soul and reminds us that the solidity of the physical is an illusion.  

It was Alfred Barr who described Abstract Expressionism the best. He said there are two traditions in abstract art: The first is the more strongly geometric-structural tendency led from Georges Seurat and Paul Cezanne, via Cubism, to the various geometric and Constructivist movements.  

My work falls in the second category he describes: Its source is the art and theories of Gauguin and his circle and flows through the masters of abstract art associated with Surrealism. Barr says: "This tradition is intuitive and emotional rather than intellectual ; organic and biomorphic rather than geometrical in its form; curvilinear rather than rectilinear, romantic rather than classical in its exaltation of the mystical, the spontaneous and the irrational."

I am always looking for another member of my family. I may discover you in your art or your appreciation of art and you may discover me in mine. The important thing is that we recognize one another and when we do, that which sings within us is fortified and soars ever higher.  

                     Distant Land