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                     Distant Land
​Mishcka's Artist Statement

I have made art all my life mostly as a pastel and oil painter realist with forays into surrealism and mixed media.   However, I needed to convey a deeper emotional expression so I became an abstract painter, working mostly in acrylic.  You will see the elements of realism and surrealism in many of my paintings, but my work is intuitive and emotional, organic and biomorphic, and romantic in its exaltation of the mystical, the spontaneous and the irrational.

Painting for me is a process of self discovery.  It comes forth spontaneously and the result often surprises me by reflecting an inner state of which I was not consciously aware, but upon reflection depicts a truth.  It answers the questions I didn't know I asked.

A line from a Buddhist song says it well.  It translates as:
The phenomenal universe radiates as the fringe of luminous experience.