Mishcka’s Art Statement

“I had been a realist from the beginning, but now I paint abstract expressionist art, mostly in acrylic.  I got tired of painting the surface of things and I wanted to express myself on a deeper level.  In 2007 I discovered Josh Goldberg, a master, and studied with him.  I haven’t looked back. 

Painting for me is a process.  If I can relinquish my hold on the outcome of the painting it feels like it paints itself.  When I can accomplish that the result often surprises me by reflecting an inner state of which I was not conscious, but upon reflection depicts a truth.  It answers the questions I didn’t know I asked.

My abstract expressionist inspirations through the years have been, among others:  Odilon Redon,  Arthur Dove,  Howard Hodgkin, and Josh Goldberg.

Also inspirational is the ancient Buddhist song called The Seven Thunderbolt Phrases.   My favorite is the 5th phrase which translates as:

The phenomenal universe radiates as the fringe of luminous experience

I think that is the state in which great art is created.”