Seven Paintings on Paper & micro-crystalline wax

In order to avoid using glass on the seven paintings that are acrylic on paper: “Kundalini“; “Emerging Worlds V”; “Crucible”; “The Divine Feminine”; “Diamond Cluster”; “Seed Syllables”; “The Unveiling”.  I had these paintings cold pressed on wood laminate and completely sealed them with micro-crystalline wax which is used in museum restoration of paintings so they would be relatively impervious.  While the paper size of these seven paintings is 22” x 30”, they are mounted on a background that makes the overall size 26 ½” x 33”.  They are framed with a simple black frame. 

If any purchaser of one of these works wants to have it conventionally framed, any framer can reframe it to your preference.  Museum glass would eliminate glare of the glass.