• Asemic Love Poem

    Asemic Love Poem

    In Hinduism, Kundalini is a form of feminine energy that is said to be coiled at the base of the spine. Read more

  • Kundalini


    In Hinduism, Kundalini is a form of feminine energy that is said to be coiled at the base of the spine. Read more

  • Josh Goldberg

    Josh Goldberg

    Josh Goldberg is a well known Tucson Artist and teacher. I first saw Josh Goldberg’s work in an exhibition and I was deeply affected. It was profound. I decided I had to study with him. The following is a quote from his artist statement. “In my… Read more

  • Leon Kroll

    Leon Kroll

    (American Artist 1884 – 1974) I studied with Leon Kroll at the National Academy of Design in New York City. He was an excellent artist and an inspiring teacher. Known primarily as a classic figurative artist who painted many nudes, Kroll was part of a circle… Read more

  • Barbara Hall (Isabelle Danielle Hall)

    Barbara Hall (Isabelle Danielle Hall)

    (American artist, 1919 – 2014)  Barbara Hall was born Isabelle Danielle Hall in Tucson, Arizona, where she grew up. I studied with her when I stayed at the Quarry Hill Creative Arts Center, her retreat in Vermont. When Barbara Hall married Irving Fiske, they bought 130… Read more

  • Arthur G. Dove

    Arthur G. Dove

    (American artist 1880–1946) Responding to Dove’s 1997 retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art the critic Robert Hughes stated:“If there was ever an artist in the American grain, it was Arthur Dove, with his obstinate home-made lyricism, his complete authenticity and his desire to be… Read more

  • Odilon Redon

    Odilon Redon

    (French artist 1840-1916) “True art lies in a reality that is felt.” In trying to explain the darkness present in Redon’s early works, predominately black-and-white charcoals, critics described them as “mutated, terrifying creatures dominated this macabre period which Redon called “le noirs’ “, but which Paul… Read more

  • Seed Syllables

    Seed Syllables

    The vertical Sanskrit seed syllables: Om Ah Hung (or Hun). In Tibetan Buddhism the Sanskrit syllables are essentially ‘thought forms’ representing divinities or cosmic powers which exert their influence by means of sound vibrations. I think they are visually beautiful and use them in some of… Read more

  • Emerging World

    Emerging World

    The Sanskrit symbol of Hung is along the right side of the painting. Hung (or Hun) is a Sanskrit seed syllable meaning unity or something that cannot be torn apart. Read more

  • Seven Paintings on Paper & micro-crystalline wax

    Seven Paintings on Paper & micro-crystalline wax

    In order to avoid using glass on the seven paintings that are acrylic on paper: “Kundalini“; “Emerging Worlds V”; “Crucible”; “The Divine Feminine”; “Diamond Cluster”; “Seed Syllables”; “The Unveiling”.  I had these paintings cold pressed on wood laminate and completely sealed them with micro-crystalline wax which is used in… Read more